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ABWA first on the list of 9 Professional Organizations!

Updated: Nov 9, 2022

Brenda Barron's blog post on the "9 Professional organizations for women in business" (GoDaddy, March 9, 2017) featured the American Business Women's Association at the TOP of the list! Men are also welcome to join this great organization, and our members are diverse in demographics, career stages, and occupations. Students of all ages are welcome!

Novi Oaks members at the October 1, 2022, Autumn Brunch With Auction, where we raised $13,000 for scholarships and education for women.

Women and men looking to increase their business acumen, make connections, improve their professional profiles, take on leadership roles, AND help others succeed, cannot beat this opportunity. At $115 for the national membership fee plus local chapter dues ($24 per year for the Novi Oaks Charter Chapter in Michigan - rates vary by league), the benefits by FAR outweigh any cost. Student memberships are only $50 with no local dues in the Novi Oaks Charter Chapter.

The cost to attend a Novi Oaks meeting - second Wednesday of every month - is only $20 including dinner or $5 via Zoom. Visit our Events page to register.

"You never know when a choice will change your life forever. This may be the time, and ABWA may be the place!"

Exclusive benefits and savings:

  • Join a local ABWA community. Thousands of business and networking meetings are hosted each year with professional development speakers.

  • Access to ABWA’s members only Facebook and Linked-In Groups where you can promote your products, services and celebrations!

  • Free and heavily discounted courses in ABWA’s, Apex Campus, featuring GEMBA Academy's Lean Manufacturing and Six Sigma, at a savings of thousands of dollars.

  • Discounted conference registrations hosted by ABWA National in the spring and fall each year. The 2022 National Women's Leadership Conference was held September 8-10, 2022 in Westminster, Colorado.

  • Complimentary subscription to the Achieve Newsletter published six times a year.

  • Free $1500 in Accidental Death insurance!

For a comprehensive description of ABWA benefits and more, visit our home page and click the three buttons mid-page to download first, the Achieve Newsletter published in November 2022 (includes embedded videos and highlights from our conference in Westminster, Colorado); second, a brochure about the benefits of membership in ABWA; and third, a tri-fold about Novi Oaks Charter Chapter.

If you are not in our area in Michigan (Novi / Northville / Livonia / Plymouth), there is a link at the bottom of each of our web pages to other chapters in Michigan and across the country. In ABWA, you will be welcomed with open arms wherever you are!

Beyond the official lists and descriptions of benefits, there are many things that will occur with your membership in ABWA that you cannot anticipate: Making business connections, increasing your communication and networking skills by meeting in person with other women and men in business, learning by seeing excellent speakers, receiving advice and mentoring from experienced business owners, realizing intrinsic rewards from helping others succeed, gaining practical skills on how to conduct large events or work on committees, developing long-lasting friendships, and more. You never know when a choice will change your life forever. This may be the time, and ABWA may be the place! Make an investment in your future by clicking the "JOIN NOW" button on every page of our website, and go for it. You are worth it!

NOTE: As of November 2022, the full article on the 9 Professional Organizations by Brenda Barron is no longer available online.

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