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  • Marcia Green

ABWA and fabulous fashion at the Clothing Cove!

Updated: Jan 19

Our 3rd Annual ABWA Fashion Show was enjoyed on Wednesday, May 10, 2023, at the Clothing Cove in downtown Milford. Forty-two attendees enthusiastically cheered our five models and then shopped to their hearts’ content.

The Clothing Cove supports our efforts by providing the store space, staff, clothing to model, a delicious cake from the Milford Bakery, flavored water, and sharing in the cost of the $100 first prize Clothing Cove gift card. We could not hold this event without them. Attendees also received a 10% discount.

We received many donations for door prizes from Janice Jones, who also worked as a model. Donated items also came from Pat Plamondon, Chris Struwe, and Glenden Rayner (Marcia’s sister). Jennifer Starr’s two daughters helped at the registration table.

The proceeds from this event go to the Scholarship and Education Fund. We thank our members, donors, and all of our attendees.

Who has more fun than women attending a fashion show and shopping on a Wednesday night??

At the end of the evening, we drew tickets for door prizes, and one of Jennifer's daughters received a $100 gift card for the store - $50 of which was donated by the Clothing Cove, and $50 donated by the Novi Oaks Charter Chapter. Through this event, the chapter raised just over $700 for the Scholarship and Education Fund.

Mark your calendar for Wednesday, May 8, 2024!

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