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WomenSpeak: Two-Part Program by Marilyn Gordon

Updated: Sep 17, 2020

Do you struggle with communication in a business world dominated by men? This two-part program by Marilyn Gordon of Mediatude, LLC, may help you identify some issues. Marilyn's open and frank discussion of how and why women hold themselves back in business can be an eye-opener. Part 1 addresses negative thinking and speaking patterns, and Part 2 offers solutions and suggestions for improved communication styles.

Part 1 Zoom meeting on Wednesday, October 21, at 6:30 p.m., for only $5.

WomenSpeak Part 1: Social Conditioning and Negative Thinking and Speaking Patterns, How the social conditioning women receive as children negatively affects their thinking and speaking patterns as adults.

To register, visit our events page.

Part 2 Zoom meeting on Wednesday, November 11, at 6:30 p.m., for only $5.

WomenSpeak Part 2: Speaking Skills for Successful Communication

Are your speaking and communication styles holding you back? Learn better ways to express yourself.

To register, visit our events page.


From Marilyn L. Gordon is the president and founder of Mediatude LLC.  She has 30 years of experience in broadcast/marketing communication, higher education research and teaching. Her expertise includes brand marketing, social media education, media coaching, and presentations skills coaching for both live and online backdrops. Marilyn is passionate about helping women communicate more successfully in the workplace, especially with their male colleagues.  She has created a special workshop called WomenSpeak to help them.her clients.

Previously, she was an account director and director of media and presentation training for 11 years at a marketing/communications company in Dearborn, Michigan. During her tenure there, she conducted media training and speaker training for clients from corporate CEOs to race car drivers. Some of those clients included Ford Racing, Ford Land, Tower Automotive, U.S. Steel, the City of Dearborn Police Department and Ford Motor Company executives and staff.

Prior to joining the Dearborn company, Gordon taught undergraduate and MBA speaking and writing classes for seven years in the Business Communication Department at the Ross School of Business at the University of Michigan. While there, she created, developed, and implemented a first-of-a-kind class in Business/Media Relations for the MBA program using original copyrighted research. She also taught in the business school’s Executive Education program. Gordon conducted media seminars to various University of Michigan academic groups and the Department of Athletics, as well as  Indiana University.

She also served as an Adjunct Assistant Professor at Madonna University, Livonia, Michigan for three years and taught  part time for nine years in the Business Development Center and Center for Education and Professional Development at Schoolcraft College in Livonia, MI.

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